• Brendan Sillifant

    Brendan works for Pegasus Health in the General Practitioner Mental Health Liaison Team. He has practiced mindfulness for 25 years, and trained for 13 years with Thich Nhat Hanh, one of the world’s foremost proponents of mindfulness.

  • Nature & Nuture Sparks

    Lin (ELO) has a focus on the application of holistic scientifically-based approaches complemented by applications of ancient wisdom. Her background is a MSc Psychology (Otago) and BA (Psych & Social Work, NUS) with formal training in Counselling, Coaching, Social work, Hypnotherapy, T-JTA, EAGALA, MI, ACT, MIECAT and Mindfulness-based Interventions.

  • Mindquip

    Mindquip is a social enterprise that draws on the scientific fields of positive psychology and organisational psychology to create practical and effective training.

  • Farsight Global

    Farsight Global provides consultancy and educational services for business teams and business leaders. We provide advice and human resource services in the areas of workplace communication, leadership and personal coaching and support, team development, culture development, health and well-being, and interpersonal conflict.