• Cheen Chong Tan

    Cheen works on both ends of the pace of work spectrum. He’s a technopreneur with over 20 years experience in IT. As a beneficiary of regular awareness practice, he’s also teaches children and adults mindfulness techniques. Cheen is based in Singapore.

  • Raymond Soon

    Raymond Soon is a long-term mindfulness practitioner and had completed a course in the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction program developed by Jon Kabat Zinn. He holds a Dip.Ed ( Chinese Teaching ), B.Sc. Biz Mgt, MBA.

  • Nelly Darmali

    Nelly is a mindfulness practitioner and teaches mindfulness to at-risk youth with diverse learning and emotional backgrounds. In addition, she has been a volunteer teacher in the children’s ministry since 2009. She is an advocate of well being – the balance of the mind and heart, harmonious living and realization read more