• Annette Boden

    Annette Boden MSc, BSc(Hons)Psychology,MBPsS, FNSHP,Adv.Dip THP (N-SHAP) UKCP registered. CNHC registered. ‘Trained Mindful self-compassion programme teacher’ annette_smallAn integrative therapist since 1998, Annette trained in counselling skills at St Helens College. She is also trained in Eriksonian Hypnotherapy; Psychotherapy; Counselling; Cognitive Therapy; and Neuro- Linguistic Programming at The National School of read more

  • Beck Cognitive Therapy

    About Louise Beck, LICSW and John Longo, LICSW Louise Beck, MSW is a licensed psychotherapist in MA. Louise has provided psychotherapy in a variety of outpatient settings as well as in psychiatric and medical hospitals; and emergency services.