• The Auckland Buddhist Centre

    Our Centre is part of a worldwide movement called the Triratna Buddhist Community. At the heart of this community is the Triratna Buddhist Order which was founded over 40 years ago in the United Kingdom by Sangharakshita to bring the ancient wisdom of the Buddha’s teachings into the modern world.

  • Mindful NZ Schools

    Rita Riccola is the Director of Mindful NZ Schools and Mindfulness In New Zealand mindfulnessinnewzealand.co.nz. She has been practising mindfulness for over 25 years and has attended a number of silent mindfulness retreats and seminars on ‘A Course in Being’. She has completed the Certificate Course with Mindful Schools (USA). read more

  • Mindfulness Matters

    Begin today with Mindfulness Matters. Chris and Glenda Irwin have jointly over 40 years of experience in meditation/mindfulness. They jointly and separately facilitate dozens of courses and meditations retreats. Begin or sustain you mindfulness journey via Mindfulness Matters amongst people equally as committed to living their lives consciously… Mindfulness

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