Professor Diener’s research focuses on several areas: the measurement of subjective well-being; temperament and personality influences on SWB; theories of well-being; demographics and well-being (e.g., income, sex, and age); and most recently his work has emphasized cultural influences on subjective well-being. Email address: ediener@cyrus.psych.illinois.edu webpage: http://www.psychology.illinois.edu/people/ediener

  • David L Cooperrider

    David L. Cooperrider is the Fairmount Minerals Professor of Social Entrepreneurship at the Weatherhead School of Management, Case Western Reserve University. Professor Cooperrider is past President of the National Academy of Management’s OD Division and has lectured and taught at Harvard, Stanford, University of Chicago, Katholieke University in Belgium, MIT, read more

  • The American Graduate University

    AccreditationWhy Study With Us?What is Positive Psychology?What is Positive Mental Health?What Does a Practitioner Do? The American Graduate University of Positive Psychology is a nonprofit, membership association. Having operated continuously since 1996, we are proud of our students and graduates who continue to have a major impact on creating a read more