• Happy Hideaway

    Happy Hideaway is organizing two exciting workshops on positive psychology, by bringing together Kristen Truempy and Susanna Halonen, both specialists in positive psychology. The first workshop, called Use Your Personal Strengths, is held by Kristen Truempy. Its aim is to help you discover your strengths and guide you through reinforcing and read more

  • The Flourishing Center

    If you want to obtain a Certificate in Applied Positive Psychology, you can enrol in a course at the Flourishing Center. The 6 month-long course (200 hours) is structured in 6 modules: positivity, engagement, relationships, meaning, achievement and vitality. There are cohorts starting in Boston, Chicago, Raleigh, Dallas, Philadelphia, Miami, read more

  • Mindful NYU

    Based in Eastern philosophy from over 2600 years ago, mindfulness practice is the intentional, present moment awareness of our thoughts, feelings, sensations, and surroundings without judgment. Through the use of a bodily anchor, such as your breath, you can slow down and awaken to the life that is unfolding in read more


    Richard Ryan is a clinical faculty member. He is co-developer (with Edward Deci) of Self-Determination Theory (SDT), an internationally researched theory of human motivation, personality development, and well-being. Ryan has published over 250 research articles, chapters, and books on SDT, and given addresses in over 80 universities worldwide. He is read more

  • Dr Donna Rockwell

    Donna Rockwell, PsyD, is a licensed clinical psychologist. She is a leading mindfulness meditation teacher, specialist in celebrity mental health, and an activist in contemporary humanistic psychology. Dr. Rockwell sits on the board of the Society for Humanistic Psychology, and is its Newsletter co-editor. She is on the editorial boards read more

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