Aaron Jarden Talks Positive Psychology

Aaron Jarden Gets Interviewed by Francesco Caso


aaron jardenAaron Jarden, president of the NZ Association of Positive Psychology talks to Francesco Caso. Aaron is currently employed half time as a Senior Lecturer at Auckland University of Technology, and half time as a wellbeing consultant and social entrepreneur.

aaron jarden

Aaron Jarden is also co-founder and co-editor of the International Journal of Wellbeing, president of the New Zealand Association of Positive Psychology, lead investigator for the International Wellbeing Study, co-investigator of the Sovereign New Zealand Wellbeing Index, founder of The Tuesday Program, co-founder of Heart of Wellbeing,  and Senior Scientist for Work on Wellbeing,  Assessing Wellbeing in Education, and Plus Wellbeing.

Aaron Jarden Kicks Off Our First Video Interview


This is our first video interview on Positive Psychology Directory and we were lucky to have Dr. Aaron Jarden first up to start this series off. Aaron is also a senior lecturer in psychology  at Auckland University and president of the New Zealand association of Positive Psychology.

Aaron Jarden has a simple goal and it is to have a complete understanding of human wellbeing, why it is as it is and how it can be improved.


aaron jarden


You can check out Aaron’s personal website here at www.aaronjarden.com



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About Francesco

Francesco was born and raised in Italy where he studied Law at the prestigious University of Naples. As a thinker, he enjoys problem-solving, being creative, and experimenting with new ideas. For ten years he travelled the world seeking knowledge and life experiences. He has lived in the UK and in South-East Asia and finally settled in Melbourne, Australia. Francesco completed his degree in Psychology and his Master's degree in Applied Positive Psychology (MAPP). Francesco is happiest when helping peple achieve a better life.

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