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Leonie Abbott Talks Positive Psychology


leonie abbottLeonie Abbott is a foundation graduate of Australia’s first Master Applied Positive Psychology with First Class Honours. In fact, Leonie was the first person to walk across the stage to get conferred as a graduate for Masters of Applied Positive Psychology. (MAPP)

Leonie’s passion for well-being infuses all her interactions and training, and today she talks to Positive Psychology Directory founder Francesco Caso about how positive psychology is a great solution to overall well-being.

Bringing positive psychology and teaching pedagogy together, Leonie Abbott is a dynamic facilitator and coach. Her education background is evidenced in her interactive workshops. Leonie understands how people learn best and this is always incorporated into her presentations. She has leadership experience across a range of sectors including education, management consulting, recruitment, travel, and events.

Leonie Abbott Believes Positive Psychology Has Been An Integral Part of Her Journey


Positive Psychology has been a transformational part of Leonie’s journey. The content in the field can be easily applied to all facets of life and for Leonie, this has certainly been a lived experience. Leonie loved devouring the research she was uncovering while at the same time applying it to her every day life.

Leonie authentically lives her top signature strengths of: Love; Creativity; Curiosity; Zest; Honesty; Judgement and Leadership and believes a strength based approach is a great way to navigate many situations in life.

She also contributes to society formally as a volunteer with the Victorian State Emergency Service.

Leonie Abbott was awarded a National Emergency Medal for her efforts during the Victorian Bushfires 2009. There is much she has learned in this emergency management setting about dealing with pressure and responsibility that translates into her studies on resilience.

leonie abbott


Check out Leonie Abbott’s website Catching Smiles HERE.




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Francesco was born and raised in Italy where he studied Law at the prestigious University of Naples. As a thinker, he enjoys problem-solving, being creative, and experimenting with new ideas. For ten years he travelled the world seeking knowledge and life experiences. He has lived in the UK and in South-East Asia and finally settled in Melbourne, Australia. Francesco completed his degree in Psychology and his Master's degree in Applied Positive Psychology (MAPP). Francesco is happiest when helping peple achieve a better life.

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